concept for electronic payment of government services and developed a 24 x 7 voice response system for the purchase of Illinois Secretary of State services, including vehicle registration renewal.

Technology challenge: "Creating and sustaining the value proposition for collaboration within and between all levels of government. Shrinking IT budgets coupled with the critical need for secure, cross-jurisdictional communication and information sharing dictate a "new economy" government mindset in which turf and power are supplanted by sharing and integration. The events of 9/11 accelerated the transformation process, but maintaining the momentum and rewarding stakeholder buy-in are essential for success. CIOs and IT leadership throughout government are being called upon to create the environment for this change, and we must respond positively to the challenge."

David Molchany

CIO, Fairfax County, Va.

Under Molchany's watch, Fairfax County has become a national model for the implementation of digital government.

Technology challenge:

"Meeting customer expectations in a more constrained budget environment. Governments will need to determine how to invest wisely in IT, and this investment really needs to be centered on what the customer wants. To enable a strong digital environment, governments will also need to invest in the right infrastructure to maintain a strong foundation for their digital government vision. Reducing investment in IT drastically because of budget constraints would be the wrong move in 2002. Not only can IT be used to meet the expectations of a government's customers, it can also be used to stretch the resources that provide service, especially in an economic downturn."

Ben Nelson

Chief, Computer Services Bureau, Kansas Department of Transportation

Nelson led the development of KDOT's award-winning construction management and document management systems.

Technology challenge: "To make it easier to do business with government. We do this by initiating broad-based education efforts targeting our managers and Web developers to help them understand public needs. In state government, it is important to maintain partnerships among the agencies in order to provide a coherent user experience to our customers seeking services. Robust and secure systems that are easy to access are essential. Currently, our concentration is in deploying data warehousing, records and workflow systems, GIS systems, a comprehensive Web portal, and very secure telecommunications. In all of these areas, maintaining a well-trained and highly motivated staff is critical."

George Nicholson

Associate Justice, California Court of Appeal, Third District

Nicholson is a strong promoter of governmental cooperation between branches and effective use of technology in criminal and civil justice. He was elevated to the Court of Appeal by Gov. George Deukmejian in 1990.

Technology challenge: "Human resources, rather than technical ones, impede efforts to identify, acquire and utilize just the right technologies, whether in a single home or the largest government. Only with effective leadership and productive teamwork can we realize the potential of technology as a tool to make society better. As it has always been, effective leadership is the biggest challenge for digital government in 2002. The crucial issue affecting [the] use of technology in government is the effectiveness of leadership and the consequent collaboration and integration of efforts. The sophistication of technology far exceeds our ability to utilize it. Through inspired leadership, however, we can take advantage of technology successfully to provide effective government."

Carolyn Purcell

Chief Information Officer, Texas

Purcell has been a tireless advocate for electronic government and a familiar presence at major IT events throughout the nation. During her tenure, Texas empowered the CIO's office to create enterprise-wide systems and performed one of the nation's first security audits.

Technology challenge:

"Events of Sept. 11 underscore the role of government as protector and restorer of the American way of life. As information technology systems underlie every