Linda Beth Brady

Linda Beth Brady

by / September 30, 1998
1. Is yours an appointed position, civil service, etc.?


2. What training was most useful to you in your current position?

Liberal arts education. It helped develop a habit of critical thinking.

3. What are the biggest IT issues currently facing your jurisdiction?

Recruitment and retention. Controlling total cost of ownership. Improving return on investment.

4. What IT program are you most proud of?

Reorganizing around services instead of products or disciplines. Charging rates that reflect usage and are backed by service-level agreements. Broadbanding within the IS discipline.

5. What has been your most difficult challenge?

Getting departments to behave as if they belonged to the same enterprise (also known as herding cats).

6. How will IT change in five years?

Smaller, faster, cheaper, but Microsoft will own more.

7. What do you wish vendors would do or not do?

Recognize that they are not the only vendor trying to sell us something.

8. When did you decide to enter government, and what was the reason?

Shortly after college, because I felt public service was a worthwhile goal.

9. How do you stay ahead of your e-mail?

I don't.

10. How do you use the Internet? What sites are most useful to you?

To keep up with news items through online publications and newspapers with Web sites.

11. What are you currently reading?

Watts Wacker's The 500 Year Delta: What Happens After What Comes Next.

Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air.

Robert Crais' Indigo Slam.

12. What's your favorite recreational activity?

Hiking without a pager or a cell phone.

13. What's your favorite quote?

"It's not the voting that's democracy, it's the counting."

-- Tom Stoppard

14. Who's the person you most admire?

Jimmy Carter.
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Linda Beth Brady

Linda Beth Brady is CIO of Austin, Texas. She oversees the full range of technology services, including application development, telecommunications, training, LAN/WAN, engineering services and data-center management. Prior to her current assignment, she was the business-applications manager for the city's purchasing office, where the implementation of technology and the purchasing module of the integrated financial system were her priorities. Brady served in former Gov. Bill Clement's office, implementing desktop technology on the first LAN and business applications for the Energy Management Center. She served as finance and business manager for several large financial institutions before entering the government sector. Brady is a certified public accountant and holds a journalism degree from Angelo State University.