Mayors Meet in San Francisco

Mayors Meet in San Francisco

by , / July 31, 1997
Good news greeted mayors from 320 cities gathered in San Francisco June 20-24 for the 65th annual U.S. Conference of Mayors. Employment and the economy are on the rise while welfare rolls and crime drops, and cities prepare to become the electronic hubs of a new global economy.

Vice President Gore helped open the event, speaking at the welcoming reception Friday night.

President Clinton spoke before the mayors on Monday at the Fairmont Hotel on Nob Hill, unveiling new programs to encourage police officers to live in the inner cities in which they work and proposing tax incentives for businesses offering jobs to welfare recipients.

Outgoing conference president Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago handed over the gavel to Mayor Paul Helmke of Fort Wayne, Ind. Salt Lake City Mayor Deedee Corradini was named vice president, 1997-1998, at the five-day meeting.

During, a business session, the mayors adopted a resolution opposing federal legislation which would prevent state and local governments from slapping new taxes on Internet transactions.

Conference host Mayor Willie Brown kept the contingent of city officials busy with a social calendar that included walking tours of San Francisco led by Brown himself, and a special performance of Cirque du Soleil.

San Francisco Mayor
Willie Brown and visitors

(left to right) Mayor Susan J.M. Bauman of Madison, Wis., Mayor Neil Giuiliano, Tempe, Ariz., Mayor Joan Bowman, Lenexa, Kan.

Clinton speaking
before the U.S. Conference
Of Mayors

President Bill Clinton

Sacramento, Calif.,
Mayor Joe Serna

Mayor David Moore,
Beaumont, Texas,
new member of the
conference advisory

Jeff Kroot, mayor of
San Anselmo, Calif.and
San Rafael, Calif.,
Mayor Albert Boro

Chicago Mayor
Richard Daley

Incoming conference president
and Fort Wayne, Ind., Mayor Paul Helmke,
President Clinton, Mayor Daley

Mayors from 320 cities
attended the sessions

Mayor Gordon D. Bush
of East St. Louis, Ill.,
Mayor Lorraine H. Morton
of Evanston, Ill.

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