hoping the game will help his students better understand social interaction.

McDivitt sees himself as a practical educator updating his teaching methods in accordance with children, whose lifestyle and worldview have been shaped by the computer. In his blog, McDivitt tells other educators not to be afraid of video games and points out that the "digital teenager" has altered the definition of traditional, and now it is a question of whether educators will update their repertoires to address that change.

McDivitt hopes that by the time his daughters are in high school, teachers will use technology more than they do today. But for now, he is forging into uncharted teaching territory and hopes he is helping to pave the way for a more technologically oriented classroom.

"I am prepared to fight the good fight, to convince the naysayers that not all games are a mind-numbing activity," McDivitt said. "Gaming is a way to excite the unexcited, to engage the disengaged and to educate those who fight education."

Chandler Harris  |  Contributing Writer