noted at the beginning of this review, even protected CompuServe's property rights from trespass by a junk e-mailer.

Lawsuits against junk e-mailers, or "spammers," were plentiful this year, second only to the number of domain name suits. Statutes to combat junk e-mail are being considered by half a dozen states, or so, and three federal bills are pending in Congress. Expect lawsuits against senders of junk e-mail to multiply, at least until legislation is passed.

Because the essence of the Internet is communication with others, constitutional challenges to many forms of regulation are far from over.

Champ W. Davis is a partner at Davis, Mannix & McGrath, which is involved in commercial litigation with emphasis on computer related cases. He is a current member, and past chair, of the Chicago Bar Association Computer Law Committee, and currently serves as an adjunct professor of law at Chicago-Kent College of Law.

David Loundy is an attorney at the Chicago law firm of Davis, Mannix & McGrath, practicing in the areas of intellectual property, computer, and entertainment law. He is chair of the Chicago Bar Association Computer Law Committee, and is a member of the Illinois State Bar Association Intellectual Property Section Council, for which he chairs the Internet Law subcommittee. Internet: . E-mail: .

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