Network and E-commerce Security

Network and E-commerce Security

by / February 28, 1999
There's been a lot of commotion about electronic commerce. Part of the ruckus involves security. While there's still much to be done in this arena, software on the market right now offers government agencies, companies and individuals the tools to take some of the risk out of doing business over the Internet.

For any government agency, and certainly for individuals, powerful protective tools are important to the success of electronic commerce. The more secure the networks, the further electronic commerce will go.

Enterprise Security

SAFEsuite Decisions outlines the degree of security risks and allows users to make quick and informed decisions about protecting ongoing information.

It automates measurement and analysis of multisource data to enhance enterprise security.It provides valuable reports of enterprise security risks based on consolidated, correlated and coordinated cross-product analysis.
The execution and distribution of SafesuiteDecisions reports can be customized, automated and scheduled.
Central management of enterprise security data provides a scalable relationship database that serves as a central and persistent data store for all enterprise security data.
Secure data collection protects the movement of cross-product security information, including ISS SAFEsuite applications and third-party products.
Additional information is available by contacting Internet Security Systems at 678/443-6000.

Secure Workstation

SecureSuite enhances data security by requiring a fingerprint or other biometrics characteristic to be verified before allowing access.

SecureSuite is a three-in-one software package that provides a suite of biometrics security applications for Microsoft Windows 95/98.

Secure Logon allows users to log on to their workstations using fingerprints, other biometrics characteristic or an optional smart card to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the workstations.

Secure Folder allows file and folder encryption and protects files, folders and Web-page bookmarks. The locking and unlocking of directories, and encryption and decryption of files, are based on biometric authentication. It provides a 40-bit DES encryption engine with option to upgrade to higher 128-bit key length.

SecureSession stores the user name and password information for any Windows application, and releases it upon verification of fingerprint or other biometrics characteristic. After registering an applicant's username and password with SecureSession, a user can simply place his or her finger on the fingerprint scanner when the application requires authentication.

Additional information is available by contacting I/O Software at 909/222-7600.


The Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (SARC) has developed an integrated repair solution for the Remote Explorer virus. Files infected by this virus become encrypted and corrupted. It reverses the encryption and repairs the corruption by downloading the Intelligent Updater from Symantec's Web site.

SARC has developed a standalone tool to remove the virus-installed-service from memory in Windows NT systems. It turns off the virus in an infected computer's memory so that it can be removed and repaired safely.

The tool is free for download from the Symantec Web site and it can be used in conjunction with many antivirus software.

Additional information is available from Symantec.

Enter Jonah

In an effort to make Internet security interoperable, IBM and Lotus have initiated Enter Jonah, a project designed to create a common Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) implementation based on the PKIX standards. The PKIX reference implementation provides a common security infrastructure for the use and management of public-key cryptography and certificates, including key, certificate and policy management.

Employing Intel's Common Data Security Architecture, Jonah implements all of the current PKIX
standards. Many leading companies -- General Motors, Netscape, Sun, Intel -- and associations and software vendors have started to support PKIX.

IBM and Lotus will use the code as the common PKI for their own products, including Notes and Domino, IBM Registry, Tivoli System, IBM eNetwork Directory Server and Global Sign-On.

Additional information is available from IBM.

Network Scanner

Internet Security Systems' System Scanner 1.0 provides host-based security and detection assessment within Windows environments, checking both servers and desktops for security weaknesses. It lets system administrators protect critical networked data by detecting vulnerabilities on Windows and UNIX platforms.

System Scanner is capable of checking file and logon permissions, registry settings, user and group passwords, security settings for applications such as Microsoft Internet Information Web server, active content, such as Java and Active-X technologies, and other settings that can allow unauthorized access to an organization's enterprise network.

Additional information is available by contacting Internet Security Systems at 800/776-2362.


The Veritas FirstWatch for Raptor Firewall products provides one of the most robust firewall solutions. It allows users to protect their organization's corporate resources from being accessed by unauthorized users. It delivers a cross-platform, high-availability solution for Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows NT and HP-UX.

The Veritas FirstWatch for Raptor Firewall products include:

an automated template for easy installation;
secure heartbits to prohibit intrusion entry points; and
no single point of failure, to ensure that firewall service remains continuous.
Additional information is available by contacting Veritas Software at 650/335-8000.

Secure VPN

Secure remote access is a key requirement for most organizations using the Internet for internal access and to facilitate electronic commerce between government agencies.

SmartGate is a highly flexible virtual private network (VPN) program allowing secure remote access to sensitive data for both intranet and extranet applications.

SmartGate runs on various platforms, including Windows NT, HP-UX, Solaris and BSD UNIX.

Additional information is available from V-One Corp.

Anti-Virus Software

VirusNet 3.0 is an anti-virus software tool that provides detection and correction of virtually all known viruses.

The software can detect 22,500 commonly known viruses, and corrects 98 percent of them. It detects and corrects new viruses such as Word Macro, engine viruses such as stealth, polymorphic and mutation, and file and boot sector and Java viruses. It can detect and correct viruses found in files retrieved from the Web and e-mail attachments, and provides a way to scan ZIP and ARJ archive files.

Additional information is available from Safetynet Inc.

Quick Security

The NetScreen-100 is a security solution application for the Internet, intranet and extranet. It combines firewall, virtual private network encryption and traffic management facilitating the management of the network for administrators.

According to the company, NetScreen provides security without causing a performance bottleneck, allowing users to communicate at higher speeds.

Additional information is available by contacting NetScreen Technologies at 800/638-8296.

Outsourcing E-commerce

IBM HomePage Creator for e-business allows government agencies put their business on the Internet without having to learn HTML.

IBM HomePage Creator for e-business combines a point-and-click online authoring and maintenance tool with e-commerce and hosting at prices starting at $24.95 a month.

It includes several key features:

Easy-to-use Web-site creation tool. The online Java-based tool allows users to build their site using their browsers, with updates delivered automatically.
Image galleries with professionally designed images. Other graphics also can be uploaded.
The choice of using more than 150 professionally designed themes and layouts or creating their own design.
Hosting sites in a monitored, security-rich IBM facility on IBM servers.
Custom site name.
E-commerce components, including product catalogs, shopping cart and the ability to accept and process credit card orders online.
Free 30-day trial.
Additional information is available by contacting IBM at 888/426-0336 or online.