An excellent feature is its power management system, which prevents data loss in case of battery depletion. The real advantage is that it allows you to exchange batteries while the notebook is still running. Older notebooks that don't have this feature can cause serious data loss when they suddenly switch off.

For those who do any kind of presentations or graphics, the TravelMate offers a superior color monitor that has an active matrix or dual scan display with 65,000 colors. It includes 2MB of VRAM to support full-motion video and a Windows accelerator which speeds up the redraw speeds of graphics applications such as Photoshop or QuarkXpress.

Also featured is a PCMCIA slot, an external PCI expansion bus, an SIR port for wireless connections to other computers so you can file share, a security latch, dual-mode microphone, 16-bit sound card and internal speaker.

For further information, contact Texas Instruments Inc., P.O. Box 6102, Temple, TX 76503, or call 817/774-6001.


What makes the Compaq LTE 5000 series stand out from the crowd? Well, when you look at its standard features -- a 75MHz Pentium processor, a 64-bit CPU and 32-bit PCI local bus -- there's not much there that isn't also available on many other models. What makes Compaq such a worthy consideration is the company's approach to the market. They work to provide quality products with excellent customer service.

"Today's citizens are demanding more in terms of government services but want workers to use less resources," said Poulin. "There are cost pressures to go out and buy the cheapest product. But the best way to serve citizens often isn't about price. Service is important, because it affects how long that product is going to last. That's where Compaq is unique. We have 8,000-plus resellers throughout the United States. We've got a vested interest in offering superior levels of service and support to government users."

Although the LTE's basic processing speed starts at 75MHz, faster models are also available at speeds of 90MHz and 120MHz. Other standard features include 10.4- to 11.3-inch color displays, 16-bit digital stereo, built-in speakers, a PCMCIA Type II or Type I slot, a touch-sensitive pointing device and a hibernation setup utility that lasts up to 100 hours. Unfortunately, if you're in a hurry to purchase one of these models, they won't begin shipping until late September, at which time the final price of each unit will be available.

For more details, contact Compaq Computer Corp., P.O. Box 692000, Houston, TX 77269, call 800/345-1518, or go to Web address: .


Notebook computers have been notorious for poor-quality screens. But according to Aronson, Toshiba Computer Systems' notebook screens won't make your eyes water. Thus, if your work force has a job that takes you into bright light and requires a good notebook screen, consider a Tecra 720CDT. Not only does this mini machine come with a high-resolution 1024x768 active matrix display, but it also has a blinding processor speed of 133MHz. In the notebook category, this kind of processing speed is the fastest available for mobile computers and worth the investment if you use processor-intensive applications.

Another unusual feature is its new ZV port that enables it to implement full-screen, full-motion video for realtime multimedia performance, MPEG full-motion video, videoconferencing and more. The ZV technology features PC card controllers with a dedicated bus connected to the audio and video controller, a video data transmission rate up to 27MB/sec sustained bandwidth, PCM stereo data transmission from ZV Port card direct to the audio system

and more.

For further information, contact Toshiba America Information Systems Inc., P.O. Box 19724, Irvine, CA 92713, or call 800/334-3445.


For years Apple Computer has produced first-rate notebook computers with its PowerBook