was a few years ago, he is nowhere close to fading into the sunset. His biography reads like a what's what of government. First elected to the Philadelphia City Council 20 years ago, he has served as president of the NLC and the Pennsylvania League of Cities. He is currently president of the local unit of the American Cancer Society and serves on the board of his community YMCA. He chairs the Northeast Philadelphia Airport Advisory Board and serves on the executive boards of the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Philadelphia International Airport Advisory Board.

As if all of that activity wasn't enough, O'Neill is in the third year of a four-year term on the board of Public Technology Inc., the technology arm of several local government organizations, including the NLC.

"Our focus on PTI and what it can do for the National League of Cities members has really catapulted in the last three years since the emphasis was placed in the organization on information technology," O'Neill said. "Yet, while PTI has been around for a long time and doing a lot of great things for government, this really put it on the map and then Y2K made that map even brighter."

O'Neill's future continues to look bright, as well. Last month, he was elected to serve a sixth four-year term on

the City Council, and he expects, just as he has done for years, to focus on


"One of the things that I think is significant is that he has stayed with it," said the NLC's Borut. "He recognizes himself not to be a technologist, and this is not his background. Yet, he recognizes the significance and has moved out to represent the interests of local government on the issue of technology."