can pan, zoom, determine attributes and locations of map features, and hyperlink to related information on the server or the Net. No knowledge of HTML is required. Software includes a Java mapping applet with an out-of-the-box browser solution. Installation and configuration wizards reduce setups to a point-and-click operation. For a live example of Internet Map Server, check out "Live Maps on the Internet" at .

ArcView Street Map

An intelligent data source with every street centerline in the United States, taken from a nominal 1:100,000 scale map. Included are landmark data and business geographics -- over 4GB compressed onto a single CD. Enter any U.S. address, and the geocoder automatically zooms in to the location. (Price: $500)

ArcView Military Direct Data Readers

Eliminates the need for complex translation between ArcView and an external format. Data Readers enable ArcView to recognize additional data sets as standard feature data sources and apply ArcView functionality to the data in native format. They recognize VPF, CADRG, NITF, CIB, ASRP, and USRP formats.

ArcView Image Analyst

Allows users to read multiple image formats, classify them into land uses and analyze them in ArcView. The software supports image processing; filtering to sharpen or smooth images; stretching the contrast ratio to improve visual appearance; and some integration of raster image data with traditional vector data. Image Analyst will be of particular value to the forestry and land-use planning communities.

ArcView Dialog Designer

Although a separate extension designed to work with Avenue, Designer is also part of the ArcView core technology. Users can create specific menus with multiple widgets and user-interface tools and can develop highly-customized ArcView application solutions.

ArcPress for ArcView

A tool for generating high-quality raster and vector data outputs for map production. Allows users to take data sources from multiple types and rasterize them into a format used by plotters. Essentially, a cost-effective method of producing high-end cartography and large data files.

ArcView 3D Analyst

Provides realtime display and manipulation of 3D data models, and "fly-thru" capability. It has applications in many fields, including landscape architecture, city planning and redevelopment, utilities, civil and environmental engineering, science, and military strategy.

ArcView Release 3.1, expected late this summer, will have improved cartographics and extended support for different data types, including 3D.



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Runs on Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT, Macintosh, and several workstations.


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Comprehensive technical support available through ESRI and distributors worldwide.


Available from ESRI or its distributors.



This is the first in a series of products designed around Intergraph's Jupiter technology, an open-standard environment developed to create Windows-native applications that function without a CAD core.

GeoMedia is a stand-alone mapping product which enables users who are not GIS software experts to access multiple data sources simultaneously across an enterprise; and tap into data warehouses and perform analysis with various geographic data types and formats in a Windows environment without translation.

GeoMedia has some of the capabilities one would expect to find in a desktop mapping system -- simple database query, spatial analysis, thematic mapping, buffer-zone generation and legend creation. Users can associate objects with a feature; select objects attached to a feature; perform simple feature definition, placement and editing; and integrate imagery and multimedia with GIS. They can copy graphics and text from GeoMedia and paste it into Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and other documents.

GeoMedia integrates with most desktop and office automation applications. Users experienced with off-the-shelf Windows development tools can customize GeoMedia, creating their own language and graphic