interface to access various data types and formats.


Intergraph Corp.

Huntsville, AL 35894-0001

U.S. 800/345-4856

U.S. Federal 800/747-2232


486-66 or Pentium processor (recommended)

Windows 95, Windows NT 3.51, or Windows NT 4.0

32MB RAM, 35MB hard disk space

VGA video card or better, 256-color monitor

CD-ROM drive


First quarter, 1997


Software can be purchased directly from Intergraph or through any Intergraph business partner.




MapInfo Professional 4.1

Budget shoppers looking for an economy GIS with a wide range of data analysis and visualization capabilities should check out MapInfo Professional 4.1. The system reads and writes to most database formats -- Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Microsoft Access and Excel, SQL Base, and Lotus 1-2-3. New core features include Microsoft OLE automation programming tools, Autometrics-SQS and enabling software to store and retrieve spatial data on relational database systems. Professional is compatible with Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows NT.

The latest software components available for MapInfo Professional are: SpatialWare, a suite of advanced, server-technology tools for storing, managing, and analyzing complex spatial data in an Oracle 7.x database; ProServer, a server-based intranet application that provides enterprise-wide access to mapping solutions; and MapX, an object linking and embedding (OLE) control for integrating map objects into any business application.


Will be of particular interest to government and private-sector entities with large investments in relational database management systems. A server extension combines geographic and relational data in a single Oracle database, adding a spatial component to the database. Geographic data is merged with Oracle data by adding two columns to relational tables containing, for example, engineering, customer service, marketing, or sales records. The merged data is prepared for analysis and mapping with MapMarker tool, which geocodes relational data with spatial components. Records are geocoded to street, ZIP Code, ZIP+2 and ZIP+4 levels. An SQL spatial-language upgrade, fully integrated with Oracle SQL, is used to access and manipulate mapping information using a common programming language.

With SpatialWare, organizations can provide server-based mapping tools to departments across an enterprise as well as improve their return on investments in mapping and relational data. The extension runs on both Windows and UNIX platforms, and is available for Sun Solaris and SCO UNIX operating environments. Prices range from $25,000 for a workgroup configuration, to $200,000 for an enterprise server implementation.


Used with MapInfo Professional to distribute maps and geographic analysis applications on Web-based and corporate networks. In the U.K., British Telecom uses ProServer in touchpad kiosks around London to show locations of government offices, medical facilities, theaters, etc. Dispatchers can use ProServer to direct vehicles. Companies can use it to make demographic studies for franchise outlets.


Allows users to integrate objects into business applications using standard visual programming tools, including C ++, Delphi, PowerBuilder or Visual Basic. Designed primarily for sales and marketing, MapX translates queries to all popular ODBC database systems, and integrates satellite and aerial imagery and scanned-in TIFF images as map layers and boundaries. MapX runs on Windows 95 and Windows NT.

Minimum purchase price is $4,960, which includes a $1,000 developer's license and 40 runtime seats. Additional runtime seats are available at $99 each.


MapInfo Corp.

One Global View

Troy, NY 12180-8399



386 PC (Pentium recommended

4MB of RAM (8MB recommended)

Minimum installation, 1MB;

full installation, 6MB

VGA, 256 color

FTP and network capability


Now shipping


Free for 90 days, with extended and upgraded support programs available.


(MapInfo Professional) $1,295

Upgrade (From 4.0) $295