On October 8th, Government Technology and the Institute for Government Innovation hosted the 3rd Annual International Summit on Service to the Citizen in Denver. The summit drew delegates from 11 countries, including the United States. Three governors were featured as keynote speakers: Terry Branstad, Iowa; Roy Romer, Colorado; and James Geringer, Wyoming. Featured international speaker was Maurice Williamson from Pakuranga, New Zealand.

"Public Stewardship, Managing the People's Information," was the subject of this year's annual conference of the National Association of State Information Resource Executives (NASIRE). Conference sessions -- held Sept. 29-Oct. 1 in Colonial Williamsburg, Va., where Thomas Jefferson studied law -- looked at the challenges of government to come: Year 2000, welfare reform, outsourcing and issues of information access and ethics.


[Editor's Note: Photos are from the Summit in Colorado unless otherwise specified]1. Lynn Simons, Regional Director, U.S. Dept. of Education. 2 Luis Vidigal, Secretariat for Administrative Modernization, Government of Portugal. 3. Honorable Kim Robak, Lt. Gov. of Nebraska. 4. Mark Gladwyn, Deputy Director, Central IT Unit, United Kingdom. 5. At the NASIRE dinner at the Mariner's Museum in Newport News, Va., Larry Singer, Executive Director, Public Interests Breakthroughs (right). 6. Dr. Robert Lucky. 7. Honorable Maurice Williamson, Minister of Research, Science and Technology; Minister of Communications; Minister of Information Technology; Minister of Statistics; Member of Parliament, Pakuranga, New Zealand. 8. Colorado Gov. Roy Romer. 9. Carol Hedges, Director of Policy and Initiatives, Colorado Governor's Office, and Joe Crapa, Associate Administrator for Congressional Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 10. Summit attendees at IBM booth. 11. Georgia CIO Mike Hale (middle) and wife Rita with B.G. Beck, president of Thermo Digital Technologies. 12. John Cumberford, Assistant Deputy Minister, Service First Initiatives Executive Council, Government of Manitoba, Canada. 13. Frank McDonough, Deputy Associate Administrator, Office of Intergovernmental Solutions, General Services Administration, Luis Vidigal, Christine Goss, Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency, United Kingdom and Eric Embleton. 14. Wyoming Gov. James Geringer. 15. Dr. Margaret Cary, Regional Director, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Chairperson of the Executive Committee, Colorado Gov. Roy Romer, and Maurice Williamson. 16. Mayor Ann Azari, Fort Collins, Colo. 17. Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad. 18. At NASIRE, Russ Bohart, Director of California's Health and Welfare Data Center and Bill Artz, Data General. 19. Frank McDonough 20. William Kilmartin, Comptroller, Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 21. Eric Embleton. 22. Hon. Maurice Williamson. 23. Phil Burgess, President and Senior Fellow, Center for the New West. 24. Christine Goss. 25. Mona Erikkson, Project Coordinator, Bangemann Challenge. 26. William Eggers, Author of Revoiution at Its Roots. 27. Hon. Scott Howell, Minority Leader, Utah Senate.

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