Seattle Region Takes Winter by Storm

A multijurisdictional Web page presents weather warnings and readiness recipes.

by / January 31, 1999
It's been said that it rains in Seattle 360 days a year, and the other five days it looks like it's going to rain. That might be stretching the truth just a bit -- the average yearly rainfall in Seattle is 36.2 inches, compared to 40.3 inches in New York City, 39 inches in Washington, D.C., and 34.5 inches in Chicago.

But rain is a factor in the lives of area residents, so much so that the city of Seattle, King County and the state's Department of Transportation have devised a Web site to update people on road conditions during the wetter months.

Weather or Not There's Rain

"Taking Winter by Storm" gives updated information on road conditions, transportation, weather, emergencies, preparation, flooding, landslides, maps and even La Ni