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Tom Bonnett

Tom Bonnett is a public policy consultant in Brooklyn, N.Y. A former state legislator from Vermont (1975-79), Bonnett has written three books.

Michael Di Paolo

Michael Di Paolo serves as the information systems and services director for Fort Worth, Texas, and is responsible for organization-wide strategic technology planning, management and operations.

Bradley Dugger

Bradley Dugger is the chief of information systems for the state of Tennessee, serving in this capacity for 12 years.

Javier M. Gonzales
Javier M. Gonzales was re-elected to a four-year term as a Santa Fe County, N.M. commissioner in 1998, when he joined the leadership of the National Association of Counties as second vice president. He will assume the presidency of that organization in 2001. involving voice radio, computer aided dispatch, mobile-data communications, GIS and a new emergency-communications center.

Brian Moura

Brian Moura is the assistant city manager for San Carlos, Calif. He is responsible for managing the city's administrative services, which include finance, risk management, legislation, public information and information systems.

Eric Reeves
Eric Miller Reeves has been a member of the North Carolina Senate since 1997. While serving in this capacity he has been the chairman of the Committee on Information Technology, Insurance Committee vice chairman, and a member of the Appropriations Natural & Economic Resources, Commerce and Finance committees.

Kerry Wagnon
Kerry Wagnon is director of Business & Communications Technology for Oklahoma City. As chief information officer, he is responsible for citywide information technology, telecommunications and wireless communications.
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