Beginning July 1, all new school employees who have unsupervised access to

children have to be fingerprinted and undergo nationwide criminal background checks under a newly signed law. The law includes those who work in public, private or church-run schools. USA Today


HB 209, signed by Gov. Tony Knowles, increases the size of smaller grants to which the Alaska Science and Technology Foundation must give at least half of its endowment income from $100,000 or less to $200,000 or less. The amount had not changed since 1988 and the change is intended to adjust for inflation.


The state Legislature is considering the Digital Education Act (S. 1029), which would provide for digital-education partnerships. It would expand Ready to Learn, a program of combined successful efforts in early childhood education; MATHLINE, a teacher-development program; and educational programming for children.


Act 1447, passed by the Arkansas General Assembly and signed into law by Gov. Mike Huckabee, will create the College of Information Science & Systems Engineering at the University of Arkansas-Little Rock (UALR). Beginning in September 1999, UALR students can choose from two majors: information sciences or systems engineering. Students majoring in nontechnical degree programs can also pursue a minor in information technology.


The Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management's information services team has created a Web-based Emergency Management Information System, EMIS2, as an alternative method of disaster communication when conventional methods are overloaded. Western City


Colorado Counties Inc. is tracking state legislation that will help bring high-speed Internet connections to rural counties. The bill would create an incentive fund to pay for infrastructure improvements. County News


In an effort to catch child-support evaders, the state created a Web page of those "Wanted By Connecticut For Failure to Pay Child Support". The page features pictures and physical data of fathers who owe child support and a phone number for Web users to call with information.


The National Academy of Public Administration met in early June in Wilmington, where performance-based strategies were "put on trial." The "trial" did not follow strict court procedures, and resembled an active debate more than a formal presentation of a case.


Broward County's Purchasing Division has put the full text of all bids and related requests online. County News


Georgia's new automated purchasing system, developed by PeopleSoft, was to debut in July. Under the new vendor registration system, vendors will be able to submit changes electronically. The state was also hiring its first contract administration team, which will assume responsibilities previously carried out by buying staff. The five-person team will be responsible for writing policies and procedures for administering contracts.


Gov. Benjamin Cayetano signed HB 988, making an emergency appropriation for state government to implement Y2K compliance efforts. It provides $1 million for remediation.


The new dean of engineering at the University of Idaho will earn $7,000 more per year than the college's president, who supports the idea, saying it underscores the importance of technological studies.


Gov. George Ryan in May announced the creation of the state's Y2K Web page, which includes a monthly remediation-status report.


FBI Special Agent Russ Fox spoke to children and parents at Mt. Tabor Elementary's technology camp in New Albany in June, saying that home computers should be kept in common areas, and that parents should closely watch their children's Internet surfing to be alert for predators who try to lure children to meet them. USA TODAY


Legislation signed into law by Gov. Tom

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