The GT National Technology Snapshot

The GT National Technology Snapshot

by / June 11, 2001

The Jefferson County Sheriffs Department has plans for a new mobile data communications system. The new system will provide 165 laptop computers to be installed in patrol cars, providing sheriffs access to federal, state and local criminal databases.


In March, the Department of Labor and Workforce Development announced that employers could now post jobs on the states Web site <>.


In March, Gov. Jane Dee Hull announced the new Arizona @ Your Service portal. Officials hope the portal will make doing business in the state easier and faster. The new site will consolidate many Arizona government Internet sites and offer more online services.


The Office of the Treasurer of State launched a new Web site <> that will enable citizens, businesses and state and local governments to interactively search for outstanding treasury warrants, submit forms online and give certain agencies the ability to track and manage their investments.


In March, Gov. Gray Davis unveiled CAL-Buy, a new system that will allow state purchasing agents to purchase goods and services online. CAL-Buy was developed by the California Department of General Services procurement division.


In March, the states Tourism Office announced the 2001 Official State Vacation Guide Web site <>. The redesigned site will be easier to navigate and allow visitors to conduct more specific searches.


The Port Connecticut Transportation and International Trade Resource Directory Web site <> has been revised to serve as an international trade and transportation portal for companies doing business in the state. The Web site includes interactive discussion groups and affiliate sites for the Bridgeport Port Authority, the Connecticut District Export Council and the Connecticut World Trade Association.


In March, Gov. Ruth Minner announced the launch of the Delaware Helplines new Web site <www.dela>. The site is an online guide to more than 2,300 human services programs in the state, including crisis hotline telephone numbers, information about adoption, senior centers, libraries and where to get a GED.


The states major care agencies, the Agency for Health Care Administration, the Department of Health, the Department of Children and Families and the Department of Elder Affairs will all be linked together on a new Web site <www.floridahealth> starting in July. Citizens will be able to get a wide range of health care information, such as physician profiles and hospital and nursing home evaluations. -- AHCA


The city of Moultrie launched the citys first interactive Web site <>. The site will enable citizens to request services and track the request from beginning to end. Moultrie is one of the few cities in southern Georgia to have an interactive Web site. --


The High Technology Development Corp. conducted five job fairs in the continental United States in March to lure high-tech talent to the state. The job fairs are modeled after similar events held in 2000.


In March, the states Consumer Protection Unit launched a new Web site <https://www.accessida < nocall/register.html> that will allow citizens to register for the states "no call" list that will prevent unwanted telephone solicitations.


The West Aurora School District is using a state Technology Integration Program grant to buy fiber- optic cable, computers and other Internet-related hardware to wire the districts schools. Work started in March on the three-month project. -- The Beacon News


Gov. Tom Vilsacks weekly news statement and other news events will now be accessible to citizens by logging onto a new state Web site <>.


The Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board (BSRB) is now offering online license verifications for all professionals licensed in the state by BSRB. The Web site <> will allow users to print the license information as proof of verification.


State officials announced plans to expand high-speed Internet access to many rural areas by turning existing copper phone wires into high-speed data conduits. The results should provide Internet connections much faster than traditional dial-up connections. -- The Cincinnati Enquirer


The state announced that the Office of Statewide Information Systems would conduct plans to have a Web-based reporting tool and data-warehouse system in place within the next 12 to 18 months. The new system will bring different state business applications to one central location.


Gov. Angus King and Commissioner Janet Waldron have appointed Harry Lanphear as the states new CIO. In addition to other duties, he plans to examine how to integrate technology among the various levels of government.


In March, Dorchester County Commissioners announced plans to standardize the countys computer system beginning with the County Office Building. Officials plan to have the system extended to offices outside the countys main office building within a couple of months. -- Newszap Online


In March, Gov. Paul Cellucci announced a revision of the states online services to be launched within the next six months. The new state Web site <> should help residents navigate state agencies and services and save the state $140,000 over six years, due to a reduction in paperwork and fewer jobs. -- The Boston Globe


Gov. John Engler delivered the first laptop computers to teachers as part of an effort to improve open communications between teachers, parents and students. The Teachers Technology Initiative allocates up to $1,200 for each eligible educator to receive a computer and software.


The Department of Agriculture plans to have their new Laboratory Information Management System installed and under way by April 2001. This new system will save time and make it easier for laboratory staff to enter and track information, giving them the ability to accomplish food safety procedures more efficiently.


The state Board of Education was informed by representatives from the National Career Assessment Services that the states Tech Prep Initiative is successful in its efforts to integrate academic and technical education. The results of the Mississippi Career Learning Assessment found that students have improved in reading, math and communication skills in addition to computer usage.


The state Department of Health developed an online computerized background screening service to access background information on registered child-care and elder-care workers and information on licensed providers. The registry offers a free, one-stop resource that gives parents and employers crucial information on a caregivers history. <


A bill that paves the way for Montanans to conduct official business on the Internet passed the Senate unanimously in March and is on its way to the governors desk for approval. House Bill 234, sponsored by Rep. Bob Lawson, R-Whitefish, incorporates into state law a procedural statute called the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act. Its purpose is to remove barriers to electronic commerce by creating uniform rules for entering into contracts and engaging in other transactions using a computer.


Gov. Mike Johanns announced in March that $150,849 in federal highway safety grant funds is being awarded to purchase 65 in-car camera systems for 39 county and city law enforcement agencies that applied for grant funds through the Department of Motor Vehicles, Nebraska Office of Highway Safety. Officials now estimate that almost 75 percent of all law enforcement vehicles that respond to calls for service will be equipped with in-car camera systems.


Incline High School teacher Steve Brown developed Web Quest, giving students direct searches of Internet Web sites for extensive research using the actual sites scientists use. Parents and students can also find out what is happening in the classroom by going to the class Web site. -- Reno Gazette-Journal

New Hampshire

Gov. Jeanne Shaheen announced a new version of Webster, the states Web Site <>. In addition, another new Web site <> will provide information to entrepreneurs considering moving or expanding their business in the state. -- Fosters Daily Democrat

New Jersey

Hudson County is in the process of updating the countys Web site <>. The changes should be done within the year and will consist of adding links to municipalities and county information and events. -- The New Jersey Journal

New Mexico

The states purchasing agent is considering proposals to establish price agreements from contractors who supply wireless communication services and equipment on behalf of the state, the Western States Contracting Alliance and other authorized users. The purpose of the proposal is to give volume price discounts by combining the purchases of communications and data transmission services from multiple states.

New York

In March, Gov. George Pataki unveiled the states new home page <>. The Web site will provide better access to government information and services on the Internet. This site will now provide visitors easy access to information by topic, geographic location, word search or state agency.

North Carolina

Gov. Mike Easley unveiled a statewide e-procurement initiative that will integrate and automate the purchase and delivery of goods across state agencies. The e-procurement initiative should save the state an estimated $52.4 million per year.

North Dakota

The Traill County Technology Center recently received an $81,000 grant from the U.S. Labor Department to promote technology jobs for local citizens. The program is aimed primarily at the needs of employers in communities of less than 5,000. Businesses can seek training for their employees as long as they have a job or a promotion waiting once the training is complete. -- Grand Forks Herald


March 6th was designated "E-Commerce Day" in the state, through the Technology Committee Chairs in the Senate and House. The event provided the opportunity for Ohio businesses and state organizations to demonstrate their high-tech Internet applications to legislators.


In March, state officials received the 2000 state census information from the U.S. Census Bureau. The data is available through < < the Web site <>. With the new information, state officials will be able to realign congressional and state legislative districts in the state.


The states Schools Superintendent, Stan Bunn, introduced a pilot program to conduct state testing over the Internet for 17 high schools and 14 elementary schools. Currently, the written test results can take a month or longer. The new electronic test results are back the same day.


In March, state police launched a new Web Site <> that will provide citizens with crime information more quickly. The states statistical summary of crime will be updated monthly on the Web site, instead of being published once a year in paper form. -- The Inquirer

Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Department of Education Web site <> posts a list of technology grants that schools and school districts can use for implementing qualified technology programs in areas where the highest percentage of students live in poverty.

South Carolina

Gov. Jim Hodges is naming representatives to the "Technology Transition Team," which will develop an agenda to lure technology companies to the state and create more growth opportunities for existing high-tech companies in the state. -- The State

South Dakota

The Department of Health announced a new Web site <> for genealogists to find records from the state and county levels. Birth, death and marriage records are available from 1905, the year the states vital records system was established.


In March, Gov. Don Sundquist unveiled a new Web site <> that features the details of his reading and education initiatives. The site will also give citizens the opportunity to learn more about the governors initiatives and give them an opportunity to offer comments and feedback.


Starting in April, Richardson citizens should be able to use the citys new Web site <> to handle a variety of government transactions, such as paying water bills and traffic tickets online. -- The Dallas Morning News


In March, work began on a 262-mile long communications network to extend broadband Internet access to small rural cities in the southeastern portion of the state. The state hopes the network will be completed by January 2002. -- The Daily Herald


The Vermont Retail Association announced a new Web site <> that will help tourists and locals search businesses by store type, location or store name. Businesses in the state can be added to the Web site free of charge. -- Vermont Times


In Arlington, the Consumer Education Initiative has unveiled a new Web site <> that will provide consumers with information on where to recycle used electronics, such as TVs, PCs, VCRs and cell phones.


The states newly updated employment Web site <> has more options for businesses and job seekers. Businesses now have an enhanced talent bank, more < < < < search options, a resume-rating system and a way to sort through the resumes. Job seekers have more new jobs posted daily, improved sorting tools and the ability to apply for more than one job at a time. -- Tech Central

West Virginia

Gov. Bob Wise unveiled a new Web site <> for the states Promise Scholarship program. This site will serve as a resource center to help students, teachers and administrators with information regarding scholarships to be used at state private colleges, technical training centers or other accredited programs.


Gov. Scott McCallum announced in March that more than $1.7 million in grants from the TEACH Wisconsin program are being awarded to schools with distance education networks that were installed prior to the programs formation. Gov. McCallum said the money would help offset technology costs for 118 public schools that installed high-speed Internet access or full-motion video links prior to the formation of the TEACH program.


Gov. Jim Geringer testified in favor of states developing a unified approach to taxing sales on the Internet before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation in Washington, D.C. Geringer delivered his testimony in March as the governor of Wyoming and as the co-chair of the E-Governance Task Force for the National Governors Association.