A bill that paves the way for Montanans to conduct official business on the Internet passed the Senate unanimously in March and is on its way to the governors desk for approval. House Bill 234, sponsored by Rep. Bob Lawson, R-Whitefish, incorporates into state law a procedural statute called the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act. Its purpose is to remove barriers to electronic commerce by creating uniform rules for entering into contracts and engaging in other transactions using a computer.


Gov. Mike Johanns announced in March that $150,849 in federal highway safety grant funds is being awarded to purchase 65 in-car camera systems for 39 county and city law enforcement agencies that applied for grant funds through the Department of Motor Vehicles, Nebraska Office of Highway Safety. Officials now estimate that almost 75 percent of all law enforcement vehicles that respond to calls for service will be equipped with in-car camera systems.


Incline High School teacher Steve Brown developed Web Quest, giving students direct searches of Internet Web sites for extensive research using the actual sites scientists use. Parents and students can also find out what is happening in the classroom by going to the class Web site. -- Reno Gazette-Journal

New Hampshire

Gov. Jeanne Shaheen announced a new version of Webster, the states Web Site <webster.state.nh.us>. In addition, another new Web site <www.nheconomy.com> will provide information to entrepreneurs considering moving or expanding their business in the state. -- Fosters Daily Democrat

New Jersey

Hudson County is in the process of updating the countys Web site <www.hudsoncounty.org>. The changes should be done within the year and will consist of adding links to municipalities and county information and events. -- The New Jersey Journal

New Mexico

The states purchasing agent is considering proposals to establish price agreements from contractors who supply wireless communication services and equipment on behalf of the state, the Western States Contracting Alliance and other authorized users. The purpose of the proposal is to give volume price discounts by combining the purchases of communications and data transmission services from multiple states.

New York

In March, Gov. George Pataki unveiled the states new home page <www.state.ny.us>. The Web site will provide better access to government information and services on the Internet. This site will now provide visitors easy access to information by topic, geographic location, word search or state agency.

North Carolina

Gov. Mike Easley unveiled a statewide e-procurement initiative that will integrate and automate the purchase and delivery of goods across state agencies. The e-procurement initiative should save the state an estimated $52.4 million per year.

North Dakota

The Traill County Technology Center recently received an $81,000 grant from the U.S. Labor Department to promote technology jobs for local citizens. The program is aimed primarily at the needs of employers in communities of less than 5,000. Businesses can seek training for their employees as long as they have a job or a promotion waiting once the training is complete. -- Grand Forks Herald


March 6th was designated "E-Commerce Day" in the state, through the Technology Committee Chairs in the Senate and House. The event provided the opportunity for Ohio businesses and state organizations to demonstrate their high-tech Internet applications to legislators.


In March, state officials received the 2000 state census information from the U.S. Census Bureau. The data is available through

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