< < the Web site <www.governor.state.ok.us>. With the new information, state officials will be able to realign congressional and state legislative districts in the state.


The states Schools Superintendent, Stan Bunn, introduced a pilot program to conduct state testing over the Internet for 17 high schools and 14 elementary schools. Currently, the written test results can take a month or longer. The new electronic test results are back the same day.


In March, state police launched a new Web Site <ucr.psp.state.pa.us> that will provide citizens with crime information more quickly. The states statistical summary of crime will be updated monthly on the Web site, instead of being published once a year in paper form. -- The Inquirer

Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Department of Education Web site <www.uri.edu/frp/chart/depted.html> posts a list of technology grants that schools and school districts can use for implementing qualified technology programs in areas where the highest percentage of students live in poverty.

South Carolina

Gov. Jim Hodges is naming representatives to the "Technology Transition Team," which will develop an agenda to lure technology companies to the state and create more growth opportunities for existing high-tech companies in the state. -- The State

South Dakota

The Department of Health announced a new Web site <www.state.sd.us/doh/genealogy> for genealogists to find records from the state and county levels. Birth, death and marriage records are available from 1905, the year the states vital records system was established.


In March, Gov. Don Sundquist unveiled a new Web site <www.tennesseeanytime.org/governor/reading/index.html> that features the details of his reading and education initiatives. The site will also give citizens the opportunity to learn more about the governors initiatives and give them an opportunity to offer comments and feedback.


Starting in April, Richardson citizens should be able to use the citys new Web site <www.cor.net/newweb/welcome/basicfacts.html> to handle a variety of government transactions, such as paying water bills and traffic tickets online. -- The Dallas Morning News


In March, work began on a 262-mile long communications network to extend broadband Internet access to small rural cities in the southeastern portion of the state. The state hopes the network will be completed by January 2002. -- The Daily Herald


The Vermont Retail Association announced a new Web site <www.vtstores.com> that will help tourists and locals search businesses by store type, location or store name. Businesses in the state can be added to the Web site free of charge. -- Vermont Times


In Arlington, the Consumer Education Initiative has unveiled a new Web site <www.eiae.org> that will provide consumers with information on where to recycle used electronics, such as TVs, PCs, VCRs and cell phones.


The states newly updated employment Web site <www.go2worksource.com> has more options for businesses and job seekers. Businesses now have an enhanced talent bank, more

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