It runs on UNIX and Windows NT. Protocols: TCP/IP, IPX.DECnet and SNA.

GuardIT is a firewall solution that controls network access to protect the system. It secures the network based on criteria such as designated applications, network services, and source and target addresses. It defends the networks from IP Spoofing, TCP sequence number prediction, session hijacking, encapsulated IP attack, ICMP redirect and more. It provides a powerful directory for reporting and event management.

Since additional network hardware and increased wide-area link are costly, using DoubleIT can provide additional bandwidth and optimize performance by automatically compressing data across the entire network.

DoubleIT can maximize the capacity of the existing hardware, reduce the number of data packets sent over the network and shorten the time it takes to transmit and receive data.

It requires an Intel server, 8MB of disk space, 32MB of RAM and runs on Windows 95, 98 and NT.

DirectIT allows administration of users and other directory objects across multiple directory types. It simplifies the administration of complex environments by providing centralized or distributed management of geographically dispersed directories.

Users can administer network resources such as user accounts, user groups, trust relationships and network drives. It lets administrators make changes only once, then automatically distribute and apply these changes to all appropriate directories.

Supporting environments: Windows NT domains, NIS (AIX and HP-UX), NIS and Solaris SPARC and Intel, Microsoft Exchange.

Additional information is available by contacting Computer Associates at 888/864-2368.

E-mail Security

PrivaWall is a security system for cross-wall security that provides manageable, flexible and transparent e-mail authentication and encryption to handle e-mail security and protect corporate enterprise of any size.

It allows the network manager to enforce security policies, including encryption, authentication and filtering, as well as monitor e-mail and communication processes. It ensures the total privacy and authenticity of each user's messages and attachments.

PrivaWall is compatible with any firewall and offers "push" encryption technology that allows recipients without decryption software to read encrypted messages.

Additional information is available by contacting Aliroo Inc. at 703/917-0778.

No More Bottleneck

Those who have experienced high-speed broadband know how it transforms the experience of the network and Internet. Dynamic Traffic Control is a Web-enabled, Windows NT software bandwidth optimizer that allows network administrators to take control of their bandwidth using a standard Web browser from anywhere on the network.

Dynamic Traffic Control provides information about how bandwidth is being used, allows traffic prioritization -- by time of day, IP source or destination, traffic class, etc. Individuals or groups can also be given priority access.

It provides a reporting mechanism to measure the effectiveness of a bandwidth policy.

Dynamic Traffic Control is currently being used at the Israel Academic Network, a consortium of Israel's higher-education institutions, on 40,000 workstations.

Additional information is available by calling Elron Software at 800/406-5828.

Move Your Data Around

Real-Time Replicator is an NT software product that moves data reliably from a centralized server to remote locations while maintaining network availability.

Real-Time Replicator automatically distributes up-to-the minute data over WANs from any remote site and guarantees that the data will be immediately available for use at all participating sites.

According to the company, any type of NT enterprise data can be moved, enhanced, shared and continuously protected while ensuring high network availability.

Additional information is available by contacting Network Integrity at 800/638-5518.

Reduce the Cost of Storage

NetReady is a network-attached storage device that eliminates the high cost and complexity of maintaining jukebox storage on a network. It can easily attach more storage directly onto the local networks.

It can be plugged into Ethernet or Fast Ethernet via standard RJ45 network