jack and configured in minutes by the administrator without disrupting ongoing network traffic.

NetReady automatically assigns an IP address, allowing users access to CD jukeboxes via Windows NT, Novell Netware or UNIX networks, independently or concurrently.

The device has a 9GB hard drive that caches up to 14 650MB CDs. When paired with Plasmon's 4-CD-ROM-drive, 120-slot D-Series jukebox, users have immediate access to 18 CDs.

According to the company, NetReady costs half what traditional storage management software options do.

Additional information is available by contacting Plasmon at 612/946-4100.

I Spy

Investigator 1.2 is a keystroke-by-keystroke Windows-based monitoring tool that logs all computer usage.

It watches the active area on the screen receiving instruction from the user via the mouse or keyboard. All keystrokes and mouse actions are captured by the program -- events such as file, save as, print, etc., plus Web use.

Investigator can be made invisible to the user and actively defeat attempts at turning off the program.

Replicator 1.2 is a 32-bit multithreaded program and runs on Windows 95, 98, and NT.

Additional information is available on the WinWhatWhere Web site.

Deliver it Over the Internet

E-Delivery is a content delivery and installation application over the Internet. It provides online distribution, installation and control of both software and content over the Internet/intranet and WAN.

According to Frederick Duguay, ATP chief executive officer, "E-Delivery will allow software developers and all other current providers to truly deliver and install their applications over the Net." The company said e-Delivery works over any platform.

Download time is reduced by compressing application files, resuming from the point of connection failure and, with upgrades, only delivering the necessary codes.

It will cut manufacturing costs by avoiding replicating CD-ROMs, printing manuals and packaging.

Additional information is available by contacting ATP Technology Partners Inc. at 800/501-5214.

Phoenix Domain Reconfiguration Tool 2.0 and Virtual Administration Tool 2.0

Phoenix Domain Reconfiguration allows enterprises to plan and fully automate Windows NT domain-consolidation projects. Administrator can perform a domain reconfiguration from a central location without visiting any workstation in the network domain. It provides a complete set of reconfiguration tools; it automates migration of users, global groups and computer accounts, updates of local groups, access control lists and user rights.

Virtual Administrator allows Windows NT administrators to delegate simple, repetitive tasks to non-NT administrators, or "virtual administrators," who can perform specific, authorized functions, allowing the real administrators to remain focused on the real problems.

Additional information is available by contacting FastLane Technologies Inc. at 613/271-2022.

Power-management Software

Solution-Pac 97 provides a user-friendly graphical interface, making management of critical systems and power supply very easy.

It monitors and displays information graphically on the status of the uninterrupted power supply system's battery, output voltage and frequency, as well as the status of devices protected by the system. In the event of a power interruption, Solution-Pac can automatically and safely shut down systems connected to MGE uninterrupted power supply. The software also can perform automatic pager or e-mail notification of power-related events. It also has configurable scheduling features for energy conservation and reduced administration.

It supports every major platform, including Windows 3.1, 95, 98 and NT, Novell, OS/2, UNIX, IBM AIX, HP/UX, DEC UNIX, Solaris and others.

Additional information is available by contacting MGE UPS Systems Inc. at 714/557-1636.

Remote Control

Banyan Intranet Connect, Version 1.6 by Banyan enhances Web-based remote-access software. It provides remote access to Banyan VINES and Microsoft Windows NT network resources.

It provides easy e-mail capabilities, efficient multifile and directory browsing and downloading with Zip compression.

Additional information is available by contacting Banyan Systems Inc. at 508/898-1000.