Network Health

Concord Communication's Network Health is a Web-based software application that provides open, enterprise-wide, automated analysis and reporting on network performance and utilization.

Network Health retrieves and analyzes data from router, hub and RMON and RMON II agents already installed in most customer networks. It then automatically analyzes data and provides concise informative reports that summarize critical issues of LAN, WAN, Router/Switch, Frame Relay and server performance patterns.

Users utilize Network Health's automated reports on a daily basis to optimize network performance, execute capacity planning and better manage service-level agreements.

It supports all major network protocols.

Additional information is available by contacting Concord Communication at 508/460-4646.

Virtual Private Web

Extranet is becoming a viable solution for tightly integrating partners and agencies, giving them access to the agencies' data and intranets.

ExtraLAN Beta version is a virtual private Web program that allows agencies to easily build a private and secure Web in which employees, customers and partners can share information.

Unlike existing Web security software that protects specific servers, ExtraLAN provides a true network boundary through multiple agencies. Therefore, an agency can send information directly into other partners' or clients' intranets.

ExtraLAN is 100 percent Java, and makes use of LDAP-based directory service to manage users and resources within its virtual private web. Its three-tiered architecture is tied together with XML-based RPC/MQ, making it easy to build a virtual private web across agency firewalls. Resources within ExtraLAN can be hierarchically organized and managed, and management responsibilities can be delegated.

Additional information is available by contacting Extravert Technologies at 408-278-0215.