encrypt your e-mail, to prevent others from reading it, and digitally sign it, to assure your recipient that its from you and not forged.

Though you can attach files to your e-mail messages, many Internet service providers limit their size to 3MBs or less. WhaleMail lets you use your Web browser to send files as large as 7MBs.

If You Build It ...

If youre building a Web site, you can use other tools to enhance it.

Used in moderation, graphics can spruce up a site without bogging surfers down. ArtToday provides access to more than 1.2 million high-quality, fully licensed Web graphics.

The same applies with sound and multimedia. Partners in Rhyme provides a large library of public-domain sound effects and royalty-free background music. The site also includes a helpful audio tutorial.

You can use a program such as Page Talk to personalize your audio. It lets you put a button on your site that visitors can click to hear your voice. You just copy a few lines of HTML to add to your sites source code, then phone a toll-free number and record a message of 20 seconds or less.

The Web is all about content, and iSyndicate can help. It lets you add to your site syndicated written, graphical, audio or video content from hundreds of different sources, including big names such as Time and Merrill Lynch.

If your site includes a lot of content, whether created in-house or out, one helpful, professional touch is to provide visitors with an internal search engine. Atomz.com lets you add either a simple or sophisticated search engine to your site and sends you a periodic report of what visitors are searching for.

JavaScript can help make your site more dynamic, and you dont have to be a programmer to use it. JavaScriptSource offers hundreds of scripts you can cut and paste into your sites HTML. Examples include pull-down menus and scrolling messages.

Finally, interactivity is the Internets greatest strength, and its not difficult to add it to your Web site. Beseen can outfit your site with a message board or chat room.

Reid Goldsborough  |  Contributing Writer
Reid Goldsborough is a syndicated columnist and author of Straight Talk About the Information Superhighway. He can be reached at reidgold@comcast.net or www.reidgoldsborough.com.