1. What kind of computer do you use at work?

Do you have a home computer?

Dell Latitude LM 133 laptop (office and home computer).

2. Favorite Internet bookmarks?

CIO Communications

Sloan Management Review

3. What are you currently reading?

"Lincoln" by David Herbert Donald.

4. What's your most important current project?

Bringing order to chaos in my department.

5. How many e-mail messages do you get a day?

Seventy to 80 on Monday and Friday; 100 to 120 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

6. Favorite recreational activity?

Running and paddle tennis.

7. One thing you'd change about

information technology?

Change the phrase "information technology" to "information ecology."

8. Favorite quote?

"...There comes a time when men of good conscience can not blindly follow others ... ."

9. Person you most admire?

Abraham Lincoln

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