to a local consultant who showed me how to set up and administer a site and taught me some HTML basics, and we were off to the races," Goldstein said. "The thing that I like best about our site is that it consolidates our city services to one place," he said. "It used to be that every agency produced their own information and their own brochures. The site brings it all together for citizens."

In terms of the future, Goldstein said, "We've only begun to explore the interactive aspects of the Internet. Giving citizens the ability to interact with their government on their terms is what service is all about."


Ralph Balzano, commissioner of the New York City Department of Information and Technology and Telecommunications, was pleased to accept the third place award on behalf of Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani. "The most exciting thing about this new information system is that it didn't cost the city's taxpayers one cent," Balzano said. "We developed the entire thing using existing resources, and it was developed by people who love what they do. I think you can see that by the product they've developed."


Honorable mention awards went to the following sites:

San Bernardino County, Calif., ; Orange County, Calif., Public Schools ; city of Chicago ; and the Washington State Senate Ways and Means Committee .

Awards were provided to the top three place winners in each category through the support of the contest's corporate sponsors, which included AT&T, IBM, MCI and Sun Microsystems.

Congratulations to all winners and contestants.

Michael Nevins is a co-founder and director of State Technologies Inc., a nonprofit research group. State Technologies publishes the Web service Government On Line: . E-mail address: < >.


Florida and

the city of

San Carlos,

Calif., draw

top honors in

the inaugural

"Best of the

Web" contest.