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Public CIOs Struggle to Manage Mobility Demands

Smartphones and laptops increase management issues for public-sector CIOs.

Special Report / Modernizing Outdated Enterprise IT Infrastructure: What You Need to Know

Government agencies are developing interactive websites, launching social media programs and introducing mobile applications. However, the robust enterprise IT infrastructure needed to support these new tools is often outdated or not easily scalable. This Special Report introduces a framework for organizing infrastructure and examining the impact of faulty or aging infrastructure on the government enterprise.


IT Financial Management Can Help CIOs Align IT With Business Goals

Public-sector IT expense reports help users reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Government IT Organization Models Change With the Times

Government IT Organization Models Change With the Times

Are Private Clouds the Answer to Public-Sector Concerns?

Some agencies opt for internal clouds over vendor-hosted cloud computing.
Get Your Game On

Wargaming: New Tool for CIOs to Handle Complex IT Challenges

Cyber-megacommunity war gaming helps strategic decision-making in the Internet age.    
Allan Frank, CIO, Philadelphia/Photo courtesy of Allan Frank

Philadelphia CIO Allan Frank Has Plans for a Digital City

Allan Frank wants to combine IT, broadband, social networking and more for citizens.


Federal CIO Drives Transparency With

Vivek Kundra IT spending dashboard sets example for states.

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Does Lem Stewart's Dismissal Mean the End of Major Public-Sector IT Outsourcing?

Virginia CIO's firing as part of with troubled Northrop Grumman deal could mean trouble for other state outsourcing projects.

CTO Strategies

CTO Strategies for Virtualization in Government IT (Opinion)

Opportunities, challenges and recommendations for virtualizing IT in the public sector.


Questions Arise on Broadband Stimulus Agenda (Opinion)

Money cannot fill a public policy void.

Security Adviser

Congress, White House Put Cyber-Security on Front Burner (Opinion)

New legislation reveals depths of apprehension for our critical infrastructure.

Straight Talk

Despite Wikis and Other Web 2.0 Tools, Government Collaboration Is Still Slow to Catch On

Public CIOs struggle to make government agency collaboration a reality.
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