April 2006

Worst to First

CTO Suzanne Peck has carefully transformed the District of Columbia into a tech-savvy city known for its innovation.

Funding Frustrations

IT needs for homeland security are better recognized, but harder to get.

Partnering for Preservation

Can governments come up with plans to preserve digital information for future generations? Yes, but CIOs must be on board to make it happen.

IT Work Force Transformation

CIOs need a work force that mirrors today's consolidated and federated IT organizational model.

Feeling Content with Content Management?

CIOs are in the thick of solving the document- and process-centric challenges facing public-sector knowledge workers.


IT Security: Our New Cold War?

Hopefully it won't last 40 years, but winning will require tough measures, a cadre of professionals and constant vigilance.

Letting People Back Into the Lobby

Cleaning up a dirty game by letting the unwashed masses back into the public square.


New Pecking Order

New Pecking Order

Book Review

Innovations in E-Government: The Thoughts of Governors and Mayors

Editors: Erwin A. Blackstone, Michael L. Bognanno and Simon Hakim

Technologies for Government Transformation: ERP Systems and Beyond

Editors: Shayne C. Kavanagh and Rowan A. Miranda