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Aligning IT and Business Is Priority for Public CIOs

New strategies synchronize technology and agency missions.

Special Report / Best Practices for 24/7 Government

This Special Report reveals the prevailing attitudes and trends in 24/7 government. Through case studies and best practices, it also highlights technology advances that enable the extension of 24/7 government beyond current boundaries and takes a close look at solutions for hardening infrastructure, maintaining security and privacy, and ensuring connectivity.


SOA Reduces Risk and Cost in Shared Services Projects

Service-oriented architecture offers low-risk, low-cost building blocks for creating shared services in government.

China and U.S. Collaborate on Digital Government Research

China taps American knowledge to build a system for public CIOs, digital government.

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction with IT

Here are some strategies for creating real satisfaction when it comes to helping customers.

E-Waste is a Growing Problem for CIOs

Recycling efforts rely on states, localities and manufacturers due to federal government inaction.

IT Governance is Crucial to Success of CIOs

Effective governance reduces turf battles and promotes cooperation.

CIO Sightings

Brenda Orth Named Pennsylvania CIO

P.K. Agarwal to lead NECCC; Sacramento County CIO retires.


Green IT: Government's Silent Spring

Green IT: Government's Silent Spring


Another Chief at the Table

Peggy Feldmann, Virginia's new chief application officer, charts new waters.

Book Review

Book Reviews: Leadership, Change Management for CIOs

The Powers to Lead, by Joseph S. Nye Jr., and It Starts with One, by J. Stewart Black and Hal B. Gregersen -- Qualities of effective leaders and road maps for successful change.

Case Study

Climate Change: What's the CIO's Role in Green Government?

CIOs ponder the integration of sustainability into public-sector IT.

VoIP Cuts Telecom Costs for California Insurance Department

Pilot VoIP project tests feasibility for deployment at other California state agencies.

Bridging the Information Gap

Tacoma, Wash., uses Autodesk for improved data sharing and efficiency - and provides more information for the public.

Security Adviser

Disaster Recovery Plans: Four Steps Toward Improvement

Build technology recovery into broader emergency response efforts.
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