Cover story

Georgia Aims to Save State Money With IBM Outsourcing Deal

Georgia CIO Patrick Moore and chief operating officer Jim Lientz explain why the state outsourced its information technology infrastructure.

Current Special Report / Rethinking Citizen Engagement

This Public CIO Special Report examines new methods of engagement, the technologies that support them and the best practices of cities and states across the nation.


Hosted E-mail: What Government Needs to Know/Photo copyright

Hosted E-mail: What Government Needs to Know

Consumers love hosted e-mail, but governments aren't comfortable with applications they don't fully control.
Enterprise Information Technology Requires Customized Governance/Illustration by Tom McKeith

Enterprise Information Technology Requires Customized Governance

Decentralized, centralized or hybrid/federated governance models should be adapted to each state.

Agile Development Speeds Government Software Development

Texas, Colorado agencies embrace the collaborative agile software development model.
Gopal Kapur, president and founder, Center for Project Management

Gopal Kapur: Six Secrets to Information Technology Project Management Success

Center for Project Management president reveals six steps to good project management.
Data Centers and Consolidation: A Special Report 1

Data Centers and Consolidation: A Special Report

Governments combine data centers to save money.


Georgia Outsourcing Deal with IBM and AT&T Consolidates IT Operations

California chief information security officer Mark Weatherford writes on federal cyber-security.

CIO Central

Government Insights' 10 Predictions for Government in 2009, Federal CIO Transition Guide

Maryland, Ohio, Missouri, Arizona get new CIOs.


Michigan's New Chief Technology Officer Gives Survival Tips

Dan Lohrmann gives six tips on handling a new information technology job in government.


Washington State's Financial Crisis Jump-Starts Reform (Opinion)

Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire's shared services directive aims to reduce government costs.

Security Adviser

Melissa Hathaway Has Big Cyber-Security Agenda (Opinion)

Hathaway directing a review of federal cyber-security and may become national cyber-security officer.


Telework, Telemeetings Gain Popularity in Government (Opinion)

CIOs have adjustments to make as more employees work remotely.