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CIOs Expanding Their Roles by Managing Consolidated Departments

Change-agent CIOs see their job duties expand and broaden as governments cope with budget pressures by consolidating departments and leveraging CIOs' project management experience.

Current Special Report / Rethinking Citizen Engagement

This Public CIO Special Report examines new methods of engagement, the technologies that support them and the best practices of cities and states across the nation.


Open to Interpretation/Illustration

Is a National Dashboard for Open Data on the Horizon?

Government agencies have eagerly embraced open data and transparency. This newfound abundance of data has spawned new questions and challenges about how to organize the information so that citizens and policymakers can use it.

Preserving CIOs' Legacies Under New State Governor Administrations

State CIOs who could be replaced after the next election cycle share their strategies for keeping projects intact under a new administration.
Cloud computing, SaaS/Illustration by Tom McKeith

Security Benchmarking Could Help Government Assess Benefits of Cloud Computing Providers

Many government agencies still have concerns about SaaS and cloud computing security.

Successful Interoperability in Health and Human Services Requires Cooperation and Governance

Integrating human services involves collaborative decision-making and information sharing.
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California and Other Governments Tackle the Challenge of Enacting Policies for Open Source Software

Money savings and transparency lead more governments to consider open source software.


The Impact of Agency Consolidation on the Public CIO's Role (Opinion)

State CIOs share strategies for keeping projects intact under possible new administrations.

CTO Strategies

Is Cloud Computing More Secure? (Opinion)

The more you specify unique security requirements, the harder it becomes to obtain the benefits of cloud computing.


Centralizing Security Tools Across the Enterprise Is a No-Brainer (Opinion)

Like the standardized nature of e-mail, information security tools and services can be rationalized into the enterprise to provide much more consistent security while decreasing costs and the overall security footprint.

Straight Talk

Procurement Often Pits Bureaucracy Against Best Practice (Opinion)

Abandoning tried-and-true procurement practices in the name of efficiency can cause more harm than good.