August 2003

Trading Places

California's new controller, Steve Westly, wants to put a little eBay into state government.

Leap of Faith: The Story of Trust, Technology and the Intergovernmental Way

Intergovernmental applications ought to be the next incarnation of electronic government, but is everybody really ready to put aside their own self-interest?

Seats at the Table

The federal CIO Council, once almost an afterthought, has matured into an important voice for public-sector technology policies.

Deconstructing the Public Sector

Web services will make it easier to integrate information and deliver services. They may also change the way we think about government itself.

Indirect Return on Investment

By showing companies how e-government can improve their bottom line, CIOs can help business and themselves.


Mixing Oil and Vinegar

Do government and academic networks belong together?

The Loser's Game

CIOs behaving badly and other observations

Best Practice

At the Top

Three countries -- the United States, the United Kingdom and Singapore -- stand close together while boldly moving online.


Intergovernmental Solutions. Interesting ... Really

Intergovernmental Solutions. Interesting ... Really