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CIO Sam Nixon Tries to Fix Virginia's IT Outsourcing Effort

New CIO and former Virginia Delegate Sam Nixon on what went wrong with the state's battered IT outsourcing effort and how he hopes to right the course.

Special Report / Managing the Cost of Government New Tools for the New Normal

Governing’s 2014 Cost of Government Summit convened leaders to discuss the fiscal challenges they face, their biggest cost drivers, the threats they see on the horizon and their potential solutions. Download this guide to find out more.


Melodie Mayberry-Stewart, CIO, New York state/Photo by David Lubarsky

Melodie Mayberry-Stewart Blazes a Trail as New York State CIO

The first black female CIO of New York state went from living in housing projects to launching statewide IT projects.

Online-Only Western Governors University Could be New Model for Education

Technology and new approaches like the Western Governors University can cut the cost and improve the performance of public colleges and universities.
By the Numbers

Performance Measurement Helps IT Projects Stay on Time and on Budget

Former CIO/CTO of the U.S. Postal Service describes his metrics-driven approach to managing IT.
Tech Stat

Federal CIO's Techstat Initiative Seeks to Diagnose Troubled IT Initiatives and Deliver Quick Treatment

Federal CIO Vivek Kundra implements TechStat Accountability Sessions to find problems in agencies' IT projects and take action to solve them.
Information Security/gears and assembly line/Illustration by Tom McKeith

Simplifying Information Security

Every government security policy must address all legal requirements and public concerns.


CIOs Are People Too (Opinion)

New Virginia CIO Sam Nixon faces a tough job fixing outsourcing deal with Northrop Grumman.


Cloud Computing Needs a Meteorologist (Opinion)

A new set of analogies for a cloud-based world.

CTO Strategies

Undercover CTO: Spending Time on the Front Lines (Opinion)

Michigan chief technology officer learns about an organization from the inside out.

Security Adviser

The Importance of Domain Name System Security Extensions (Opinion)

The transition to DNSSEC will be difficult, but the increased security will be worth the effort.

Straight Talk

IT Leadership: Art or Science? (Opinion)

Hard and soft skills are required for public-sector IT leadership.
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