December 2007

Raleigh, N.C., CIO Gail Roper Succeeds in a Field that Fewer Females Are Entering

Gail Roper discusses the decline of women in the IT work force, working in local government and turning the job of CIO into a truly public service role. 

E-Mail Management Strategies

Public-sector organizations need full-blown policies for managing business content in e-mail.

Managing Identities Online: Assuring Good Identities

Managing identities online has become increasingly complex, cumbersome and costly. Now there's a way out of the mess.

Beyond CRM and 311: Strategies for Improving Government Services

Four myths that keep government from delivering a better customer experience.  

New Wired Majority

A portfolio approach to electronic government project selection and deployment.

Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Project Gets Major Performance Measurement

One federal agency CIO plans to study IT performance the way baseball general managers scrutinize hits and errors.

Security Adviser

Sharing With ISAC

The road to better information security, ironically, passes through better information sharing.


Wireless Redux

Wireless Redux

The Futurist

The Fire Next Time

Don't get burned by the latest "open" trends.

CIO Sightings

What's a Girl to Do?

The four myths of being a female in a male-dominated profession.

Book Review

Digital Era Governance: IT Corporations, the State, and E-Government

Digital Era Governance: IT Corporations, the State, and E-Government