December 2013

CIOs Off the Clock

Inside the fascinating lives of CIOs who break the mold.

Center for Technology in Government on Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

The Center for Technology in Government offers lessons learned from two decades of public-sector IT.

Software-Defined Networking Is Being Driven by Broadband and Cloud Computing

Software-defined networking, which replaces traditional network hardware with software, is the latest technology buzz. But what potential does it have for government?

States and Localities Reap the Benefits of Shared Services

We ask customers what they think of government-to-government shared services.

Cybersecurity Strategies

7 Ways to Build an Effective Team

Finding and keeping technology and security talent.


A Balancing Act for Public CIOs

Innovate, but don’t forget the basics.


Let’s not Forget Real-World Survival Skills (Opinion)

The survival of the fittest in the 21st century requires a mix of old and new skills.