December 2014

Bill Haight, CIO, Salt Lake City

4 Roadblocks to Agile Development and How to Overcome Them

Agile development -- where software projects are broken into short sprints -- isn't as easy to implement in government as one might expect. Here are the key impediments and how CIOs are working to overcome them.

How Data-Driven Learning is Changing Education

Longitudinal data sets give educators a 360-degree view of student performance at the push of a button -- and they're changing education at both the student and policy levels.

What are the Keys to Effective Leadership?

Five highly regarded government CIOs share their secrets to becoming trailblazers in government IT.

Cybersecurity Strategies

3 Ways to Strengthen Security Without Stifling Innovation

You want the masses behind your security efforts and helping the team identify the bad apples, but not stifling innovators who make a positive difference.


A Time of Transition

For public CIOs, change comes with the territory.


Entrepreneurship: Vision and Perseverance are the Only Path to True Success

The difference between success and failure is nothing less than a well honed strategy, unyielding execution, and continuous learning and growth.