November 2016

Lisa Bobo, CIO of Rochester, N.Y.

Banding Together: 6 Challenges Shared by City CIOs

CIOs from six cities in New York convene annually to have open conversations in a closed, trusted space to share ideas, discuss common challenges and brainstorm potential solutions. This is a snapshot of selected conversations from the group’s annual meetings.

Washington's Chief Privacy Officer Tackles Issues In 3 Broad Categories

Alex Alben views himself as more of an innovator than a watchdog.

What Obama Did for Tech

Inevitable or intentional, the last eight years have elevated the profile of IT.

What Obama Did for Tech: Cybersecurity

The federal government has been less impervious to cyberthreats than many might have expected.

What Obama Did for Tech: Data Center Consolidation

Slashing the number of federally run data centers from 2,100 to 1,300 was an efficiency move intended to reduce the $600 billion spent by the federal government on IT infrastructure in the past decade.

What Obama Did for Tech: Cloud by Default

Obama's explicit cloud-first policy for federal agencies directed them to consider cloud options for new projects and migrate one existing system per year to a hosted environment.

What Obama Did for Tech: Transparency and Open Data went live in 2009 and was the first platform to deliver federal data to citizens, civic hackers, academics and anyone else seeking insights from government information.

What Obama Did for Tech: New Tech Roles

Of all of Obama’s tech strategies and programs, the White House roles of CIO, chief technology officer and chief data officer are the most susceptible to change.

What Obama Did for Tech: USDS and 18F

In 2014, Obama established the U.S. Digital Service and 18F, two tech outfits made up of Silicon Valley experts that would act as digital task forces to teach concepts like agile development and deploy modern tech.

Better Connections: Arkansas Rebuilds its Plodding K-12 Network into a Robust Broadband Service

By July 2017 the project will connect the state’s 274 school districts and 600,000 students to the all-fiber Arkansas Public School Computer Network.

Examining America’s Most Digital Counties of 2016 (Infographic)

Insights into this year’s Digital Counties Survey highlight how IT is used to support and provide public service.