February 2009

Economic Development is Growing Task for Government CIOs

Ontario County, N.Y., Virginia, use technology to increase economic development.

Public CIOs Need a Lesson From Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee's martial arts philosophy can help us better cope with growing demands on today's public CIOs.

Macs Appear on More Government Desktops

Apple technology gains foothold in San Antonio and Washington, D.C.

Work Force Planning Helps CIOs Improve Performance

CIOs should take a strategic approach to staffing strategies.

Contractor Management is Crucial for Outsourced Services

Growth in government outsourcing drives need for public CIOs to improve management of contractors.


Opinion: Obama Administration May Speed Up Federal Use of Web 2.0

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Navy are leaders in Government 2.0.

Security Adviser

Advice: Technology Vendor Contracts -- Is the Right Security Built In?

Contractors must make security a priority.


The Economics of Technology for CIOs

Financial decline shows need for CIOs' economic development.


Seven Traits of Successful State CIOs

CIOs improve span of control in crucial areas, survey finds.

Straight Talk

CIOs Struggle to Find the Right Role for IT in Government

IT departments must conserve resources and time during recession.