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New Generation of Public CIOs Bring Talent, Innovation

Despite the challenges of working in the public sector, a new generation of CIOs is making itsmark with change and creativity.

Current Special Report / Rethinking Citizen Engagement

This Public CIO Special Report examines new methods of engagement, the technologies that support them and the best practices of cities and states across the nation.


CIOs Try to Follow Top Government IT Security Trends

As threats to government IT grow more sophisticated, CIOs are racing to understand, plan and implement security strategies.

Business Continuity: Inadequate Planning Affects CIOs

Business continuity suffers as the "ugly stepchild" of IT security.

How to Become a Public-Sector CIO

As the government CIO's role continues to change, what's the best career strategy for a professional who aspires to that position?

IT Security: Watch Out for Insecure Software

CIOs can gain better data protection by ensuring applications are built securely.

Biometrics Stems Driver's License Fraud

Biometrics, once the domain of public safety and welfare, has become more mainstream in the public sector, thanks to improvements in recognition technology.

Work Force: University Helps CIO Bridge IT Talent Gap

Thirsty for interns, the CIO of Los Angeles County's Department of Public Works relies upon a neighborly university.
Michael Locatis CIO Colorado

Michael Locatis, CIO, Colorado

Colorado CIO Michael Locatis helps consolidate state IT operations.
Laura Fucci CIO Clack County, Nev.

Laura Fucci, CIO, Clark County, Nev.

Clark County, Nev. CIO Laura Fucci improves customer service with Information Technology Infrastructure Library framework.

David Wennergren, Deputy CIO, U.S. Department of Defense

U.S. Department of Defense Deputy CIO David Wennergren works on strategic issues across all military branches.
Hardik Bhatt CIO Chicago

Hardik Bhatt, CIO, Chicago

Chicago CIO Hardik Bhatt helps deal with digital divide, improving online transactions for citizens.
Steve Reneker CIO Riverside, Calif.

Steve Reneker, CIO, Riverside, Calif.

Riverside, Calif., CIO Steve Reneker works to bring economic development, wireless broadband to city.

CIO Sightings

Portland, Ore., Appoints New Chief Technology Officer

Portland, Ore., Appoints New Chief Technology Officer


New CIOs Transform Government

New CIOs Transform Government

CIO Sightings

Presidential Candidates' Stance on Technology

Presidential Candidates' Stance on Technology

Book Review

Book Review: The Business Value of IT

Book Review: The Business Value of IT

Security Adviser

IT Security: Improve Control of Identities

Good e-government starts with good identity management.

CIO Sightings

CIOs Need Strategies to Compete for Talent

Long-term talent management strategies will help reduce skills shortages.

IT Transformation: CIOs Must Address Roadblocks to Change

Lack of unifying purpose haunts IT transformation in government.