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Government CIOs Diagnose Health Information Technology Options

Economic stimulus funding for health IT means CIOs have a role in fixing the U.S. health-care system.

Special Report / Modernizing Outdated Enterprise IT Infrastructure: What You Need to Know

Government agencies are developing interactive websites, launching social media programs and introducing mobile applications. However, the robust enterprise IT infrastructure needed to support these new tools is often outdated or not easily scalable. This Special Report introduces a framework for organizing infrastructure and examining the impact of faulty or aging infrastructure on the government enterprise.


SaaS Saves Millions for North Carolina

Software as a service saves North Carolina money by letting agencies test Web applications before they go live.

CIO Brenda Orth on Pennsylvania's Outsourcing Success Story

Pennsylvania's IT consolidation and centralization saves state millions.

Former Missouri CIO Dan Ross Talks Enterprise Management

Dan Ross gives five essential steps for building a strong enterprise.
Open Source Software, Cloud Computing Can Save Government Money/Illustration by Tom McKeith

Open Source Software, Cloud Computing Can Save Government Money

SaaS and agile development also increase government efficiency.
IBM Expert: Enterprise Architecture Gives Public CIOs Web 2.0, Green IT Benefits/Illustration by Tom McKeith

IBM Expert: Enterprise Architecture Gives Public CIOs Web 2.0, Green IT Benefits

Enterprise architecture can aid government transparency and citizen services.


Economic Stimulus: Government CIOs Have a Role in Health IT Stimulus Spending (Opinion)

Electronic health records are vital to health care's future.


Stimulus Act Will Bring Long-Term Change in Accountability (Opinion)

Transparency and accountability are key in using economic stimulus funds.


Economic Stimulus: Five Tips for Better Government IT Projects (Opinion)

IT project management strategies for state and local governments.

Security Adviser

Public, Private Experts Create Security Guidelines (Opinion)

Cyber-security experts make consensus audit guidelines of security controls.

Straight Talk

Cloud Computing: CIOs Should Consider its Benefits (Opinion)

Cloud computing offers resources for software computing power, infrastructure and storage.