June 2010

Earl Devaney, Chairman of the Federal Recovery Board, Talks About Building and Running Recovery.gov

Devaney leads effort that's reshaping how governments nationwide approach transparency.

Flexible Procurement Terms Help States Boost Competition for IT Contracts

States and localities are modify contracting terms to encourage more competition on large technology projects.

Mobile Work Force Struggles to Find Work-Life Balance

Many employees already experience the disappearing line between work and personal lives in the 21st century.

Government Transparency, Communication and Participation Depend on Modernizing Technology

Data mining and social media strategies can help government remain competitive and connected in the 21st century.

Analytics Software Can Help Cities Effectively Deliver Services

Analytics technology can help city officials make critical decisions and streamline processes.

Security Adviser

Open Source Software Gaining Acceptance (Opinion)

Open source offers global support and tested security, but requires due diligence.


Aligning Technology and Policy Key to Winning Support for IT Improvements (Opinion)

Using technology to make government work smarter and more efficiently.

Straight Talk

Poor Project Management Dooms Many IT Projects (Opinion)

Organizations need practical application of fundamental project management principles.

CTO Strategies

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library Can Track Your Enterprise (Opinion)

Government IT professionals need an all-encompassing, prioritized perspective to successfully address complex system issues.