June 2011

Gwen Simmons and Jeff Stovall have successfully cross-sourced IT staff in North Carolina.

IT Jobs Saved in Local Governments Thanks to Staff Sharing

Municipal governments in North Carolina ‘loan’ employees to one another rather than lay them off.

Application Consolidation — Where the Real Savings Is

After several years of virtualizing servers, CIOs look toward the next step: eliminating redundant software applications.

Do State Health IT Coordinators Have an Impossible Job?

As states deploy electronic medical records and health information exchange networks, health IT coordinators juggle multiple responsibilities.

IPv6 Readiness: a Primer for Government Agencies

It’s time to develop a plan to support IPv6, the new Internet protocol, while maintaining the old IPv4.

E-Authentication Best Practices for Government

E-government is potentially a data supermarket for fraud, so government agencies must be best-in-class in identity proofing and fraud prevention.

GIS: City IT Leaders Discuss Geospatial Data's Growing Role

City CIOs are showing what GIS can really do, where data management is headed and how to get there.


State CIOs See Collaboration Breakthrough With Feds

More than 30 state CIOs were in Washington, D.C., in early May for the NASCIO Midyear Conference, and a delegation from the group held a highly productive meeting with members of the federal CIO council.


Beware the 'Size Craze' When Choosing Hardware (Opinion)

There’s a fascination with “big this, small that” in the world of technology and computers. Take a strategic business approach to your organization's IT optimization.

CTO Strategies

Government Agencies Need to Rethink Their Approach to Audits (Opinion)

By developing positive relationships and building trust with auditors, you can solve problems simultaneously.

Book Review

Book Review: Use What You Have to Get What You Want by Jack Nadel

One hundred elemental ideas have been gathered from Nadel’s 65 years of experience as a self-made entrepreneur and TV host.