May 2003

Uncle Sam's Point Man

When President Bush wants to find out how the federal government is investing nearly $60 billion in IT, he turns to one man: Mark Forman.

Finding the Will to Change

Government IT reform can deliver big savings, but leading transformation can be difficult and hazardous to your career.

On the Verge of Extinction?

Once all the buzz, the enterprise CIO may be disappearing. What went wrong?

Academic Innovation

The private sector doesn't have a corner on original thinking. Here's how one jurisdiction fostered innovation through a unique school for technology.

Alone in the Enterprise

Public-sector CIOs are enterprise executives in organizations that are anything but an enterprise. A former state IT executive offers an inside look at the pitfalls and possibilities CIOs face when transforming government.


The CIO's New Clothes

With apologies to Hans Christian Andersen and former CIOs everywhere

Best Practice

Not Invented Here

Valuable online creations are springing up worldwide.



A New Voice for Public-Sector IT

Book Review

The Next Deal: The Choice Revolution and the New Responsibility

By Andrei Cherny. Published by Basic Books, 2000