May 2005

Answering the Call

Gino Menchini, the hard-charging CIO of New York City, is constantly on the move in the city that never sleeps.

Changing the Private Sector One CIO at a Time

CIOs in the private sector have their problems too, but some have become change agents to meet the challenges.

Solving the Integration Puzzle

CIOs play a key role in creating the right kind of environment for information integration to succeed in government.

Guarding Information

Though cyber-security seems to get a lot of headlines, cyber-security expert and professor Eugene Spafford argues it's not getting enough attention from policy-makers.

With or Without Strings

Few state or local IT officials are happy with how the federal government funds IT projects. The question is not whether the process should change, but how.

Exclusive Online Feature from Public CIO: SAP Weaves New Innovations

Steve Peck, SAP's public-sector chief, talks about the consolidating ERP market and why it's good for government.

Exclusive Online Feature: Miami Nice

A new 311 system is about to expand how citizens interact with Miami-Dade County and CIO Judy Zito has taken charge.


Seeking Cover

Riding out the Ferment in the Field


Want E-Gov? Pick Up the Phone

Want E-Gov? Pick Up the Phone

Book Review

High-Performance Government: Structure, Leadership, Incentives

Robert Klitgaard and Paul C. Light, Editors