November 2011

Kristin Russell, CIO, Colorado

CIOs Seek Ways to Replace Legacy Systems

With critical government systems reaching the end of the road, CIOs seek replacement strategies.

States Look to Modernize Their Aging Tax Systems

Revenue agency CIOs tackle integration and data analytics, with mobility and social media on the horizon.

No City CIO? Who’s Running the Show?

As governments aim to run more like businesses, a surprising number do so without a CIO.

Rewarding Employees in Tough Budgetary Times

With funds for incentives tight or nonexistent, how can public CIOs recognize employees for going above and beyond?

5 Government Procurement Practices That Stifle Innovation

How agencies are stamping out the deal breakers that hinder big technology projects.


Legacy Replacements Cause Headaches for CIOs

Modernizing enterprise systems proves to be a daunting task.


Investing in Relationships Remains the Key to Success

John Lennon’s ‘All You Need is Love’ still rings true.

CTO Strategies

6 Ways to Balance Fun, Productivity and Security at Work

Government agencies can maintain security but still avoid being no-fun zones.