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Local Transformation

Peter Anderson remembers when being a city CIO was not all it was cracked up to be.

Current Special Report / Definitive Guide to Data Centers

State and local governments strive for efficiencies, reliability and cost savings at every corner - especially when it comes to data centers. Leading-edge technologies, business models and data center platforms are breathing new life into public sector data centers. While the conventional dedicated data center is still the dominate platform of choice in the public sector, it is no longer the only option. The most recent Center for D


The Net Generation Is Here

Thirty-somethings today have shadowy memories of learning to use a floppy disk the size of a dinner napkin in computer classes.

Prescription for Improvement

As Hurricane Katrina swept across the Gulf Coast region and obliterated vital services for millions of people, 400,000 military veterans living in the region didn't have to worry about losing their medical records or access to care.

Intelligence Matters

When a CIO uses terms like "imploding on ourselves" and "vicious circle of resource utilization" to describe his agency's efforts to get timely data to its financial analysts, you know he's about to make big changes.

In Case of Emergency ...

"After a bio-terrorism event, you will likely not be able to access health services Web sites for information due to capacity constraints, yet you will be able to check your Lotto numbers instead." -- Anonymous senior IT state official commenting on his state's inability to prioritize IT services effectively

Trimming Waste Fast

Motorola is a world-class company with a reputation for high quality.