Cover story

Who's Next?

What CIOs need to know about succession planning.

Current Special Report / Rethinking Citizen Engagement

This Public CIO Special Report examines new methods of engagement, the technologies that support them and the best practices of cities and states across the nation.


Come Together

Tech-based collaboration is taking off in the public sector, but CIOs say it's mostly been a bottoms-up trend.  

What Domino Effect?

The anticipated surge in legislative support for the OpenDocument Format has yet to happen.

Building Blocks of Shared Services

Latest foundational technologies empower governments to increase collaborative resource-sharing efforts.

Customer Service, Government Style

Once an afterthought, government customer service is now closely watched around the globe.

Educating Florida

As state education CIOs grapple with building statewide data tracking systems for students, one state has succeeded.

Need Zen in Your IT Department?

Rogue consumer technology is crippling the enterprise.

The Futurist

The Consolidation Conundrum

Consolidating servers, rather than data centers, makes more sense when done the right way.  

CIO Sightings

CIO Sightings

CIO Sightings

The Futurist

Stuck in the Mud

Multiple impediments conspire against innovation in government. It's time to fix the problem.


Something New

Something New


Simply Green II

An errand on the road home

The Futurist

Translating Interoperability

A global debate brews over IT standards.

Security Adviser

Does MyGovernment Use MySpace?

Web 2.0 security is not an oxymoron.