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CIOs Play a Big Role in Technology Startups

Technology business incubation might be the hottest trend in government, and CIOs have an important role.

Special Report / GT - PCIO Special Report - 2014 Q2

Find out how GIS, geospatial technologies and location-based apps are lowering costs, improving decision-making, spurring collaboration and more in every type of government agency.


Federal Crowdsourcing May Solve Problems Fast

A rise in the use of crowdsourcing by federal agencies may lead to faster solutions to perplexing challenges. But in order to reap the benefits, it has to be done correctly.

NIC Marks 20 Years of Creating State Portals

Since its inception 20 years ago, few organizations can match NIC’s influence on state government portals.

Gang of 7 Big-City CIOs Forges Ahead Despite Turnover

An informal group of city CIOs vows to pull off its first formal project — despite evolving membership.

Guest Column

6 Tips for Boosting Return on IT Investments

Measuring productivity and cost savings can help optimize IT.

Cybersecurity Strategies

Mentoring New Cybersecurity Leaders

Improving security one person at a time.


Public CIOs Can Help Attract Tech Incubators (Opinion)

Tech growth means public CIOs can play a role in drawing tech startups to local economies.


Securing Cloud Data Means Recognizing Vulnerabilities (Opinion)

Cyberspace is now recognized as the “fifth domain” of warfare after land, air, sea and space.

Book Review

Book Review: Boring Meetings Suck

Get more out of your meetings, or get out of more meetings.


CIO’s Role Shifts From Managing Information to Promoting Innovation

Every generation in government has come with an impulse to reform or innovate.
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