June 2013

Rob White, chief innovation officer, Davis, Calif.

6 Emerging Technologies and What They Mean to CIOs

Which emerging technologies are worth investing in and which should CIOs steer clear of?

Presidential Innovation Fellows Get Private and Public Sectors to Collaborate

The Presidential Innovation Fellows program combines the mass of the federal government with the velocity of cutting-edge innovators. What’s been accomplished since the program launched?

Health Insurance Marketplaces Delay Mobile Apps for Now

States scramble to launch online health insurance marketplaces, but smartphone users will have to wait for mobile access.

Is There a Data Center in Your Future?

Yes, says Oracle’s Peter Doolan. But it’s likely to look very different from today.

Cybersecurity Strategies

Ransomware: The New Cyberthreat

Ransomware is a scary evolution of online fraud — and you must prepare to deal with it.


It's Time for New Thinking

Feeding the growing demand for innovation in government.


Using Enterprise and Personal Architecture to Chart Your Course

Architecture is important, whether you are planning constructive change for yourself, organization or community.

Book Review

Book Review: Ninja Innovation

A look at 'the 10 killer strategies of the world's most successful businesses.'