June 2015

Trading Places: What's It Like to Move from One Government Level to Another?

Five public CIOs who have made significant career changes talk about how they made the transition and use their previous experience in their current role.

Looking Within: GSA Leaders Focus on Efficiency, Emphasize the Customer Experience

The General Services Administration's Phaedra Chrousos talks of re-envisioning the agency from a user's perspective.

Muni Broadband Goes Mainstream

Thanks to the FCC, everyone’s talking about it. But building your own network is harder than it looks.

4 Public CIOs Leading in the Limelight

What’s it like to run a high-stakes project? We talk to CIOs leading some of the biggest.


What’s Next for Government Data Centers?

Public CIOs are deciding what to keep in-house and what to place in the cloud.

Data Vault

Does Your State Restrict the Use of License Plate Readers? (Map)

Debates about automated license plate recognition are heating up across the country.