April 2016

Workforce Disrupted: Major Changes Ahead for Public-Sector IT Workforces

The career public servant is a concept nearing extinction. Here's how CIOs are preparing for what's next.

Shared Services Represent the Future of IT in Arizona's Capital City

Phoenix CIO Debbie Cotton discusses the direction she sees the nation’s sixth largest city moving in the coming years.

Partnership Helps Chicago Leverage Private-Sector Data Analytics Expertise

The city's partnership with insurer Allstate to leverage data analysis as a means to improve city services could represent a new means for public CIOs to take advantage of private-sector expertise.

How Palo Alto, Calif., Brought the Amenities of a Startup to Government

The city’s new Civic Tech Center houses a consolidated IT department and doubles as a community innovation hub.

What if Government Embraced Holacracy?

Holacracy is not a lack of structure; it is a new way of structure that allows organizations to be more agile and to more rapidly adapt to change.


Embracing Tomorrow's Workforce

Public CIOs are embracing the fact that their workforce is starting to transform, and millennials are a big part of that. While government isn’t traditionally known for flexibility, the silver tsunami and changing demographics are forcing the issue.