August 2013

Bill Schrier, senior policy adviser, Office of the CIO, Washington state

CIOs Share Their Secrets for Success

If you could travel back in time, what career advice would you give yourself? We posed this question to current and former public CIOs. We asked them to write letters to their former selves, and this is what they had to say.

Virginia's Identity Verification to Reduce Fraud and Increase Efficiency in Shared Services

How an agency partnership and federal Medicaid funds created a shared authentication service in Virginia.

Choosing a Cloud Broker

CIOs are using brokers to find the best cloud prices and help integrate multiple systems from different vendors.

Chief Innovation Officers Make Their Way Into Schools

Education needs a complete makeover, some say, and chief innovation officers can help.

Industry Q&A: Splunk CIO on Big Data and Privacy

Splunk CIO Doug Harr explains why his company’s technology is moving out of the data center and into your everyday life.

Cybersecurity Strategies

Fending Off Cyberattacks 24/7

Does your government need a 24/7 security operations center?


The New CIO: Chief Influence Officer

CIOs learn to take on yet another role.


Scaling Down the Data Center

Data centers don’t need to be a permanent fixture on the IT landscape.


Getting Ahead in the Workplace Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Ethics

Professional success comes with betrayal or diplomacy, but either is a choice.