July 2016

Illinois CIO Hardik Bhatt

Rising to the Challenge: How 3 Public CIOs Are Confronting Major Mandates

Structural upheavals and a budget reality that threatened a major connectivity initiative aren’t stopping the work of these state and local government CIOs.

Philly's IT Reorganization Receives Barbs and Praise

Controversial changes to Philadelphia’s technology offices raise questions about what it means to be a CIO, and what kind of organizational structure best enables innovation.

Successful Government Leaders Adopt Design-Focused, User-Centric Way of Working

The simple practice of observing how a user actually works during an average day can sometimes yield more useful information than hours of interviews.


Forward Momentum: What's Next in Smart Transportation

Contra Costa County, Calif., Transportation Authority Executive Director Randy Iwasaki talks about the agency piloting first-of-their kind technologies that could signal what’s on the smart transportation horizon.

2016 Market Forecast: Where Government Is Spending Money on Technology

State and local governments are projected to spend nearly $100 billion on IT this year. Here’s a look at where that money is being invested.

Idaho Sells Home-Grown Unemployment System to Iowa and Vermont

In a unique move, Idaho's Department of Labor has licensed and begun to roll out its self-built unemployment benefits system to Iowa and Vermont, with hopes that other states will join the consortium of users.